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May 19, 2009
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Bid on it here.

Buy it Now for $27,400

- User icetek @

I emailed the DNS Admin contacts for,,, and about this domain name being for sale. If there's anyone else you think I should inform then let me know below.
Since .com's are getting limited, hyphens are a good option. I got a $10K offer for this on HuntingMoon once but I didn't take it because I wanted to see if I could start a site myself. I failed at that and just want to get what what it's worth.
A lot of variations of this name are taken. has an Alexa traffic rank of 40,568, has a rank of 58,761, and has a rank of 285,657. The domain has big potential. sold for $209,916 on To prove that hyphenated domains do in fact rank well I have attached a PNG to the listing. Be sure not to miss this as it ends in 11 days. ($12,550), ($12,500), ($10,000), ($13,900), ($10,000) and ($8,000). ($17,500), ($16,500), ($11,475), ($10,000), and ($38,402).
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