Zfv.com+zfv.net + Nice Aged Llll At Just $50 Each: Iflz.com - Vrgu.com & More ...

Aug 13, 2002
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Great deals and an attractive "Big saving" proposal:

1. Sold only as a pair, 2 nice aged LLL:
ZFV.com (Reg'd since Jan 2000)
ZFV.net (Reg'd since 2002)

Get both at just $15k (Escrow fee at our charge).
If you can pay by PayPal "Mass pay" , we can offer them at just $14,700
If you can pay by Neteller.com, take both at just $12.5k ! No catch, offer expires next 09/25/2014
Don't ask to yourself the reason but using Neteller would save you a lot of money.
No exception to the rule, we don't need to sell at a so low price if paid in a diff. way.
Free push at Gd or direct transfer.

2. Other great deals for these aged LLLL.com (Get them all for free by taking the above LLLs):
($50 each, free push at GoDaddy)
IFLZ.com - Reg'd since 2007
UVHT.com - Reg'd since 2007
VHPU.com - Reg'd since 2007
VRGU.com - Reg'd since 2006

PM or email to: domainsales (at) domainempire.com
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