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Tired of the default look of your WHMCS Installation? Ready to have your WHMCS Blend with the rest of your site design? Do what more then 200+ Site Owners have done already and order your WHMCS Integration from WHMCSintegration.Ca!

Our integration prices start from just $10 - doesn't matter if your main site design is done in html, wordpress or any other cms - we can convert your layout into a WHMCS Theme generally in less then 24 hours (with our Gold Integration your theme is guaranteed to be done in 24 hours or its free!)

Our Gold Integration not only comes with theme updates for new whmcs releases but we'll upgrade or install the script too for no extra costs!

So why pay elsewhere for $35+ then have to pay for matching icons, theme upgrades, script upgrades and more (unlike some companies - we do not charge more if your theme is based on wordpress, joomla or another cms!) when you can get it all for just $25!

Don't need rush service, installation or upgrades? Then pay only $20

And if all you wanted was just the header and footer added to the default/portal whmcs theme then pay just $10

Plus if you add a link back to us then save even more when ordering our gold or silver integrations!

You only pay for what you need!

(we also offer discounts if you need multiple scripts integrated! we do more then just whmcs!)

★Price Match★
if you find a comparable whmcs integration for a lower price - we will match or beat it! Open a support ticket on our site and provide a link to the site with the price!

Some services may claim to be 'the best' or 'simply unbeatable' or try to offer cheaper integrations but they charge you extra for services we include - visit our site for a price comparison with our Gold Integration for $25 - and see how some sites charge between $40 - all the way up to $72 (from 'the best') for all that we include such as matching icons, speedy service, backups, cms theme integration, free theme updates for future whmcs releases... Judge for yourself who's the best and if we beat the unbeatable :p

★Why Choose Us?★
We have done over 200 WHMCS Integrations and have been doing other script integrations for 7+ years so we know what we are doing! We are not a hosting company trying to make a few dollars on the side doing integrations - Integrations ARE our business! We will ensure that your integration is completed to your satisfaction. Don't like the integration? Let us know why and we will work with you until you are 100% Satisfied. We don't take 'shortcuts' with your billing software - we copy all related files (images,stylesheets,js) to your theme - not just link to it on your main site. Why? well if you secure your billing area and the content is not part of the theme then you will have 'dead' images or your order form will not show up as being secure. Visit our Portfolio and see why we have alot of repeat customers. In fact read in their own words what they think of our service on our Testimonials page!


★Our Packages★

Bronze $10!
This is our most basic integration. Your site header and footer integrated into the portal or default style layout (*note: most companies charge you full price whether you want full integration or just your header and footer added - Not US!)


Silver $20
Our silver integration includes the Bronze level plus: stylesheet modifications, new images will be used to better match your site layout, the full whmcs layout will blend together with your site design (note: integration quality is the same as our gold level, however gold also offers rush service, plus theme upgrades to work with future whmcs releases).


Gold $25
Our Gold level integration includes everything in the Bronze and Silver level plus: Lifetime updates - we will update your whmcs theme for any future whmcs script upgrades! 24 hour or less service! If the first copy of your theme isn't done in 24 hours or less we will not only deliver the theme to you but also refund your payment! (we do detailed modifications including table header colors, button colors and more!)


Platinum $50
Includes our Gold Level services PLUS WHMCS Installation/Upgrade, WHMCS Setup (we will setup your hosting packages and automation settings!).(note: excluding 24 hour guarantee due to the extra work involved - does include free updates to future whmcs releases)


Includes everything listed in our WHMCS GOLD INTEGRATION plus a matching PHPBB Theme! (phpbb 2 or 3).(note: excluding 24 hour guarantee due to the extra work involved - does include free updates to future whmcs releases)


Includes everything listed in our WHMCS GOLD INTEGRATION plus a matching VBULLETIN Theme! (note: excluding 24 hour guarantee due to the extra work involved - does include free updates to future whmcs releases).


WHMCS Theme + PHPBB Theme + Wordpress Theme - $70
Includes everything listed in our WHMCS SILVER INTEGRATION plus a matching PHPBB and Wordpress Theme! (phpbb 2 or 3).



★Past Work:★
we have done too many integrations to list in this thread (our post is long enough! lol)! visit our whmcs portfolio with over 150 previews of our past whmcs integrations at


We also offer WHMCS Installation or Upgrading for only $10! (free with our Gold Integration!)

with (it seems) every Tom, Dick and Harry offering this service suddenly make sure to compare prices and more importantly the portfolio to see the quality of work you should expect to receive


Need more then just WHMCS Integrated? No problem! We offer Hostbill Integration at or order any other integration or installation from our main site - if what you need is not listed just send us a ticket!


Are you a web designer? You can earn extra cash by including a WHMCS or PHPBB template with your web designs! Your clients do not need to know we did the job - no tags or listing on our portfolio will be added - you pay our fee and can charge your clients whatever you wish for the extra feature!

If interested please fill out a support ticket.

Hosting companies can also resell our services to their clients

For More Info visit our site and check the 'Reseller' page.


- Payment accepted using Paypal and Alertpay. Canadian clients may also pay using Interac Email Money Transfer
- We do not need access to your server either using ftp, cpanel or any other method to complete your integration - why trust that info to strangers if you don't have to! (unless you need installation - in that case we recommend you make a temp ftp account)
- Integrations IS our business! We are not tied up dealing with web hosting clients and leaving you to wait!
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