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15-Year-Old Dictionary .COM Domains: &
Seeking offers to buy one or both of these single dictionary word domains.
eNom 06/12/2001 thru 06/12/2017

Definition: Occurring in or relating to the period prior to admission (as to a hospital or college)
  1. to allow to enter; grant or afford entrance to: To admit a student to college.
  2. to give right or means of entrance to: This ticket admits two people.
  3. to permit to exercise a certain function or privilege: Admitted to the bar.
  4. to permit; allow.
  5. to allow or concede as valid: To admit the force of an argument.
  6. to acknowledge; confess: He admitted his guilt.
  7. to grant in argument; concede: The fact is admitted.
Potential Markets:
  • Hospitals and Healthcare Providers
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Conferences and Other Special Events
  • Product Launches
  • Membership Clubs
  • Subscriptions
  • Events
Search Results:
  • preadmit = 73,000 Google search results
  • pre-admit = 63,600,000 Google search results
  • "preadmit" = 10,800 Google search results
  • "pre-admit" = 54,700 Google search results
eNom 07/04/2001 thru 07/04/2017
The incorrect arrangement or position of something in relation to something else.
6,490,000 Google search results

Potential Markets:
  • Automotive: Front-end misalignment
  • Finance: Misalignment between supply and demand
  • Health Care: Spinal misalignment
  • Politics: Philosophical misalignment
  • Space: Misalignment of the planets
  • Vision: Misalignment of the eyes or lenses
  • General: Misalignment between any two factors
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