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Crowd funding is increasingly gaining in popularity. The keywords "crowdfund" and "pay" go logically together. The act of funding a project through an crowd funding website involves making a payment. can be both a B2C or B2B website for this emerging people powered fundraising.

Here’s a great domains name for an industry that’s revolutionizing startup and small business funding. A category defining keyword with the suffix “Wed” is highly valuable. has many use cases: A brandable, you guessed it, crowd funding website. hear it once and never forget it. It could also be used as an aggregate site curating the best crowd funding opportunities all over the web or an industry news site. It’s so generic it can be used for any idea related to crowd funding
We all know how huge an industry sports is. SportsHelpers is super generic and can be used by a business that helps professional athletes reach peak performance. Or at the amateur level coaching kids and casual sports players. It has also huge potential in the sports betting industry. Yet another use is a sports eCommerce site that sells equipments that help performance. The list is endless: personal trainers, a web forum etc…
Everybody uses hotels from time to time however, nobody likes paying too much for them. The web is now the goto place to find great deals on hotels. will make a memorable, brandable great hotel price finding website. The idea is to stay at great hotels at a discounted price. Now that will makes guests sleep with a smile.

Huge industry. Very popular keyword with lucrative affiliate payments. This domain can be an informative site about psychic readings. It can be a lead generation site for the highest paying psychic reading providers on the web.

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