fixed price 9 single word .coms, all in spanish! includes

Fixed prices set for the domain(s) listed in the original post.

Paris Smithson

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Jun 2, 2016
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Hi Everyone!

I have some really great opportunities here, single word, all .com, in spanish! I need money urgently so I am liquidating these very below their price ($30-$100 each!). Here is the list:

  1. - $860 usd value
  2. -$860 usd value
  3. - $990 usd value
  4. -$1,500 usd value
  5. -$740 usd value
  6. -- SOLD -- -$590 usd value
  7. -$1,800 usd value
  8. - $1,100 usd value
  9. - $610 usd value
Combined estibot value of $9,050 usd!

Spanish domains are a huge opportunity! Very few investors means prices are really low now and it's a good time to BUY. Expect these prices to skyrocket in a few years, just like English .coms did a years ago.

I am letting them go for $30-100 each! Get a lower price if you buy them all! Here is what they mean in English:

  1. joking
  2. seek
  3. muffins
  4. go to bed (single word)
  5. aromatize
  6. demonstrator
  7. lodger
  8. subtlety
  9. female aviator (single word)
You need to speak English to fully appreciate their value. Great opportunity!

All offers welcome, we can complete the deal on or PayPal.

Best Regards,
P. Sebastian Smithson
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