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DNS Kidd

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May 2, 2002
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Whoever sponsors this site (an Ostrich?), maintains the software, moderates the forums, and maintains the professional atmosphere here.. thanks!

I've learned more about the domain business in the past few days than in, aaaahhh ... the few days before that!

Actually, I've watched the .com/net/org opportunities come, and then go. I've seen .biz and .info open up, to mixed reviews.

But, I didn't really get interested in names until I saw an ad for .USA. That's right, an inclusive namespace stranger.

The ad I saw was the bogus offering, which I thankfully avoided.

I did find John Palmer's more legitimate site, and came within an eyeblink of submiting a large number of names, pure speculation.

But, what's this? .us to be offered in April? Yes! My wanted list doubled once, then twice, until I began hoping I didn't get too many names, as I wouldn't be able to pay for them.

Turns out, the names I got were just right. Enough to keep me interested, good quality, now let's try out Marketing 101!

The information shared here is really terrific, and tempers for the most part, are kept below boiling point. A quiet market for your < insert obsession here > tends to make people irritable, I've seen that on many different lists.

Well, that's my take on the forum. To eveyone involed, keep up the great work, this site is truly special.

DNS Kidd
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