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developed Bankruptcy Files - Sell discharge papers, full website and business for sale!

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Feb 12, 2003
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Amazing Bankruptcy Website and Business For Sale

Bankruptcy Files sells copies of bankruptcy documents, discharge paperwork, schedules, list of creditors and final decree

Bankruptcy Files saves you time and money. There is no need to spend hours struggling to get a copy of your bankruptcy paperwork.
Why do you need it?

Your bankruptcy records are necessary for all kinds of purposes, including credit issues, mortgage and car loan applications, or to settle disputes. - Pricing/Order page integrated with paypal



Website Features:

* Complete website and business for sale - This is not just some turnkey website we are selling. This is more than a website we are selling, it is a business. The profit margins are extremely high on the online products we are offering and it is a small, niche market with tremendous potential.
* - BLOG - 100% Autopilot - NEVER worry about maintaining or updating your site. Expensive software has been put together to automate this site. Automated posting of well-written articles. Articles will be posted in the site every day forever. You can set the frequency of the article posting easily. You do not need to think of where to get quality contents as everything will be automated. You just need to focus on marketing and collecting money!
* - Premium Keyword Domain Name - Very few marketers understand the value of domain names. Well I'm telling you, domain name has SO much power in the eyes of the search engines. Google, Yahoo and Bing are now emphasizing more weight on a domain name for their search results
* - Premium Modified Template- Although having a nice design is not the most important aspect of a website, it still plays a crucial role. This site was designed to keep visitors stay LONGER by visiting MORE pages and reading more articles, which in turn can increase site's earnings. Visitors can also navigate easily throughout the site
* - Content - Loaded with high quality and keyword rich related articles.
* - Fully Integrated Amazon Store - This website features a fully stocked Amazon based web store which pays commission on every item sold from the website. Each item on your store home page leads to a new page within your site with a full review and description of the product giving you hundreds of pages of content.
* - Professionally chosen keywords that helps drive traffic to the niche blog
* - Adsense Optimized throughout All Posts and Pages
* - Multiple Streams of Income– This site was built to make you money in every possible way, you will earn money for each sale and each click on advertisements (adsenes).
* - Search Engine Optimization - This website is highly optimized for the search engines, from sitemap setting to proper use of tags to permalinks. All article content come with associated keywords and tags for high positioning in search engines.
* - List Building/Mailing List Integration
* - Privacy Policy Plugin
* - No Inventory to Store- All the products are stored and shipped by Amazon.
* - Unlimited Earning Potential-The possibilities are endless the internet has 1.7 billion users world wide surfing each day. This opportunity gives you an endless amount of customers to reach each day.
* - FREE 1 Month Hosting

Revenue Streams:

How You Make Money With This Website

Google Adsense - Adsense is a fantastic monetization method and is one of the easiest ways to make money from your website. Once you are accepted into the AdSense program, the ads Google shows from its advertisers on the pages of your website, will earn you money every time one of your visitors click on them. Your new website page has strategically located AdSense ads on every page and now you can start to get checks sent to you each month from Google.

Selling Bankruptcy Files
The winner will be provided information on how to access a special database that we use to obtain the files. Then all he has to do is forward them to the buyer.

After The Sale:

Payment must be made within 48 hours after the sale. Once payment is received, we will push the domain name to your account. If you wish the domain transferred to another domain registrar, you will have to cover the fees. You can keep the website hosted with us free for 1 month. Afterwards it must be transferred to your own host. If you would like us to transfer the website, there is a $25 transfer fee. However if you sign up with using our referral code, we will transfer the site for FREE.

What You Get:

With the purchase of this Internet Business you receive all of the following:

* The domain name
* Professionally designed website
* Fully developed and professional website business
* All the scripts, web site files & images running the site
* Technical support via E-mail
* 1 Month of Free Hosting

Feel free to ask us any questions
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