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news .clubs last year financial performance


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Jun 3, 2016
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In a domain session held at WHD.usa,last week,Colin Campbell, .Club CEO, shared some information about his company’s 2015 financial performance.

Analyzing its financials you will see that .club produced $7.0 million on a booking basis, from which $4.5 million were from registrations and $2.5 million from premium sales. It seems a decent amount, but considering the expenses were more than $8 million, you can understand why the loss of $1.1 million. You could say this a strategy of the .club company to succeed or not. Spending money to make .club a success doesn’t mean it will actually work.

From all the expenses, the biggest one is for marketing ($5.75 million), which includes as well employee expenses. However, neither front page position, neither search results position at domains registrars are cheap.

Last year .Club paid $1.5 million in commissions on premium sales and backend registry fees

It’s not easy to build a brand and bring enthusiasm around a new TL. It takes time, money and lot of work to succeed. This a good pattern for outsiders who want to understand the work behind a new TLD.

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