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Domainsherpa Discussion (5/1): Dot Chinese Launch; Ll.tld Request; Registrars...

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Mar 9, 2011
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This is the show where we discuss domain name industry news with a panel of veterans and thought leaders.

In this DomainSherpa Discussion:
* The Chinese IDNs for dot Chinese online .在线 and dot Chinese website .中文网 were quick out of the gate. Or are our expectations too low?
* Three registries are asking for two-letter domain names to be released by ICANN. Likely?
* Recap of actions taken by and from last week. Are you satisfied?
* What do the Sherpas think of the priorities summarized by's annual survey with respect to registrar priorities?
* Wal-Mart partners with Would it have been possible with a brandable?
* Dropping high priced .TVs and buying the equivalent .COMs. Who's doing it?
* And more!

We're joined by Adam Dicker, Mike Berkens, Page Howe and Rick Schwartz.

DomainSherpa Discussion: Dot Chinese Launch; LL.TLD Request; Registrar Requirements…
Not open for further replies.

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