external Elon has 1, Mark has 1, Jeff has 1, here the chance for your own 1.nr or 1-letter

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Dec 10, 2021
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One character short domains belong to the shortest and also to some of the most rare digital assets. They are very limited because each country offers only 36 such domains (a-z and 0-9) in the worldwide accessible Latin-1 charset. They also have several advantages that make them so desired - technological like shortening, better marketing etc. and from the user experience point (less typing, memorable, prestige).

Here I list some really amazing FOR SALE:

1.nr (like Number One, 1-number)
a.sv, e.sv, v.sv (can imagine this great from Silicon Valley to Servers, Services etc.)
a.pn (amazing tech related domain for APN related technologies or global resources)

Sale and details over: https://1sld.com

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