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info For Newbies Only #7

An informative domain name related thread.


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Apr 13, 2004
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This thread is for Newbies only. If you are an experience member then you can ignore the information and move on. There is no need to Google and prove that I am wrong.
Learning the wrong way. Here are some of the information that I see Newbies trying to spend the time to learn.
- Wasting time in the "Domain Buyer Requests":
1. Names that registered in 1,000 extensions. This has nothing to do with the value of the name. As a matter of fact, the more extensions the name is registered the more chance that you will have problems with Trade Mark issues.
2. Godaddy appraises for over $10,000 - Impossible. I have almost 2,000 names and none of them are appraises for this price.
3. Budget $1-$1,000 - What the heck is this? Most likely you will receive a low ball offer. ie. $10
4. BP, BB, SH approved - The name is approved does not mean the name will be sold. Why do you go to all the hassles to get the name approved and sell it for $10?
5. Budget $1-$500 - Total Budget $10,000 - Who cares about the total budget. We only care about the budget for each name
6. Too many members keep requesting buying names with ridiculous requirements (Items 1, 2, 3, 4) and never buy anything. The trader rating still remains ZERO.
7. Begging for Appraisal and attack the Appraiser. NO ONE KNOW the value of a name. The price is established when there is an agreement between the Buyer and Seller.
8. Trying to buy names that you can sell easily when you need money - LLLL.com LLL.net LLL.org. You may want to even sell at cost to establish Trader Rating if you are new here.
9. You need money to invest in this business - Don't expect to register some names cheap and sell it back with high price. Most of the newbies here bought CRAP Names and wasting time in the Appraisal section. Also what will happen if you have a buyer who willing to pay $10,000 for the name and they google and see the name is appraises as Crap name or Register Fees?
10. The only thing you need to know when buying the name is "If you are the Buyer, what type of website can you create? FORGET about Search Results, Domain Authority, Past Sale for Similar Name, Dictionary Words... These are the information that "Resellers" made it up. It has nothing to do with the real value of a Name.
11. Stay away from current trend - They only last a short time and most likely you will buy Crap Name: BullShitMeta, Orange NFT, DickDAO, etc...
12. Check the Register and Market Place Network before register - Cheap is not always good. Why do you expect something CHEAP and Good Customer Support with Large Network???
Welcome to the Domain Business and Good luck to you.!

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