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.com Freelancingexplained.com - Shopify store

All dot com domain names for sale are contained within this thread.
Jun 13, 2022
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Freelancingexplained.com - Shopify store

Shopify store with digital products + premium domain name + BONUSES


Digital product e-commerce store with a premium domain name and high-income potential.

The package:

Admin access to the Shopify store + all other related login info
The ebook
Product license
Covers, logos, branding material, marketing images

BONUS #1: 19-page blueprint that will kickstart your business
BONUS #2: 25 marketing ideas spreadsheet
BONUS #3: 30-day guide to launch your online empire
BONUS #4: 100 blog post title template file
BONUS #5: 1450 top micro-influencers (library file)
BONUS #6: social media checklist
BONUS #7: the fundamentals of landing pages and sales funnel marketing
BONUS #8: how to commit to yourself (self-development)
BONUS #9: Facebook Ads 101
BONUS #10: Shopify store launch & marketing checklist
BONUS #11: 7-day Skillshare Premium trial


I am a beginner, is this site right for me?

Yes, this site a 100% beginner-friendly.

I don’t know how to code, is that an issue?
No coding or prior experience is required to run this website. The site is a Shopify store which is perfectly suitable for beginners.

What are the expenses?

$14 per year (domain name) + $29 per month (Shopify hosting fee).

How much can I make with this site?

The ebook costs around $20. If you make just 90 sales per month ( 3 sales per day), you'll make $1800.

Needless to say, your income can be a lot higher, depending on how much time and effort you put into growing the store. Only the sky is the limit :)



The Rule #1

Do not insult any other member. Be polite and do business. Thank you!

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