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Aug 28, 2015
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Hi folks,

I'm new to the domain game. I recently purchased just over a dozen .xyz domains on namecheap (because of their $1 promo). I also own [my first name].xyz. Because of this I am wondering what others say about .xyz.

This is what I've read about the market so far:

  1. Despite being one of the best selling gTLDs coming online in 2014-15, .XYZ has been accused of padding numbers and otherwise artificially creating a market
  2. In the short term, .xyz has much more value than other gTLDs this month because of Google's new Alphabet registering
This is some critiquing of .xyz as a lingual/marketable feature that I've seen:

  1. .xyz is memorable because X and Z are not seen very often
  2. unlike many other TLDs (even lesser used ones like .io, .ca, .net, etc) .xyz is 3 syllables, making even a short address a large string of sounds to pronounce
I look forward to reading more opinions and ideas re: .xyz! Whenever possible, we all love to see evidence backing up claims!




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Jul 9, 2005
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Let me ask just one question. Would you use a .xyz for your business ? A serious business ? I wouldn't, regardless of what Google did. The only one prominent .xyz end user, until they move to their own TLD.

My point is: sometimes I am under the impression that domainers will peddle any TLD. But I think one should never sell stuff if you are not fully convinced of the merits of your merchandise. If you are knowingly selling garbage you are not an investor. You are just playing the greater fool theory. IMO :)

And why do you throw .io .net .ca in the same basket ? This is wrong. .ca/.net are light years ahead of anything .xyz will ever achieve.


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Jul 12, 2015
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The extension has only become a topic lately because Google bought one. The buzz will die off (and already has started to) and it will just be what it was before, one of the least valued and respected extensions.

Do yourself a favor and don't register any more, it will save you time, effort and money (even though only $1 each for now).
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