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Aug 24, 2002
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This is the first time I have purchased a buy-now domain on GoDaddy auctions that isn't actually registered at GoDaddy. The six days are up and my funds have been verified, but a little unclear as to what happens now. When I purchased the name, GoDaddy charged me a renewal/transfer fee for the domain above the auction price and from what I read, they should attempt to transfer the name with the seller?

Now when I see the domain in my "won" tab, it has a link to "purchase transfer" and then over to the far right a link to email the seller. Have not received any emails from GoDaddy on how to proceed at this point.

Any advice would be appreciated. From what I read, you only have 15 days from purchase date to dispute the sale, and with 6 days to authorize funds and potentially 5-7 days for a transfer to finish, that cuts it pretty close.


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Nov 14, 2007
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Hi, could you PM me the domain in question please?

-Paul Nicks


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Dec 20, 2007
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Most domainers I know were upset with this policy of Go Daddy's to shove a transfer to GD down our throats (buyers of domains on GD Auctions regged elsewhere), when they actually pay for the name a transfer fee to GD is added and that transfer and its fee cannot be removed from the cart. This is coercion. Whoever decided to do this was plain wrong. Often the domain has a long time before it expires and buyers would just leave it at the registrar it is. It's easier for GD to see for themselves when the domain reaches the buyer's acct, maybe the logic followed falls along those lines, but this is still wrong. Just as it is wrong to keep this self-perpetuating 60-day registrar lock only GD has, not only after a simple push within GD customers, but every single time the registrar's info is altered even by one letter (sometimes unintentionally) a new, additional 60-day lock period gets triggered. GD customers are bothered by this and many of my buyers blame me if they can't move the domain they just bought from me. As to lifting that lock through a request to GD the process is intrusive, most just give in and wait 60 more days. It is incredible how GD manages to stay the only registrar that does this after so many years, and no end in sight

INFORG, good thing you're aware of the 15-day limit to start a dispute. Once your pymt clears you need to take the initiative and contact the seller if he doesn't contact you. Do it thru the GD link so they keep a record of your messages in case he doesn't deliver. I totally agree that 5 days to clear your payment (buyer) eats into the 15-day period.... so from the time you can actually contact the seller after you're both told funds cleared and the deadline to report a dispute, the time you're left with is only about a week. The period should be extended to at least 21 days. You can continue with the transfer to GD even after a dispute has been started, only sellers will have a hold placed on their proceeds until buyer gets the name. Considering the time the other guy will take to respond, ask for the auth code, unlcok the domain, wait for the email to approve the transfer to you and what a normal transfer takes, all that makes opening a dispute with GD more common than it should be, just in case buyer ends up not getting the domain. So 15 days is too short a period. And remember that the 1st time he contacts you or you contact him the email may fall in junk since neither party knows the other one's email address, this has happened to me many times. And sellers also start disputes if they don't hear from the buyer, for example. Those emails initiated from the GD "Email Buyer/Seller" links need to show GD as the sender, and not the parties, that way quick delivery of the message is almost assured. GD does send the buyer an email explaining how to proceed, I'm not sure why you didn't get it, it's automated and the other guy gets the seller's version too
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