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intro Hi I'm Jose have about 200 domain names. Some premium

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Dec 11, 2004
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my name is Jose and with my partner have about 200 domain names some of then registered more than 15 years ago.

There are some premium domain names mostly in Spanish but also some in English. We have a website to check the full list, but not sure if it would be considering nature of this forum.

We sold a few domains over the years thru Sedo or similar places. We want to make some money with domain names but have no time to deal with negotiations or anything. Then we are open to advise about how to handle it or who is the right guy to help us with brokerage.

You can find domain names like or .net, but in Spanish there are even better names like: (dumbs, stupids...), (fools, sillies), (domination)...

We could talk about companies already showed interest in our domain names, because are their brand names. For example we spoke with a supermarkets company from US several times over the years about one domain name that is his exact brand name, its a generic word. They have about tens of shops at USA and sales over one billion, USD1.000 millions. They are using .org for email and use that brand in their 800 phone, but they said "well not much interested because we are focused in a complex, hard to spell long name version". In my country when we can't reach fruit in the vine... oh, grapes are green don't like :) I have no idea about what would be the right price for a domain name like that for this kind of company but should not be a few thousands. More like a few millions. Of course are many issues involved I know. But if we reach the figure we have in mind would be able to share 50% of net sale. As I said this is a generic word, then any company related with market sales would be interested. If that domain is purchased for a broker well no problem its a matter of money, if the domain is purchased by a competitor well, probably you'll not get ever. We are not in a hurry to sell, but prefer to sell tomorrow than in five years.

I hope didn't break any forum rule. If you could advise or point me to the right company, preferable US based would appreciate very much.

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