How do I sell a complete brand?


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Jan 17, 2019
Hello everyone, glad to be here and look forward to many chats about domains. I have quite a few.

First up though a big question.

I pretty much own the brand ENDLESS LOVE, with all the important domains and registered trademarks. The project I was working on fell over and I'm looking at selling the lot. This is the perfect opportunity for someone to come in and start completely fresh. None of the domains had ever been developed and the name can be used for pretty much everything.

How can I sell the package?
Sedo and others will only handle 1 domain and can't do bundles.

Is there another way other than put FOR SALE on the domains?

Thank you for your time.
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Sep 4, 2002

endless love, sounds like a good phrase and brings visions of romance to mind

if you have it in .com and other extensions net, org etc. that's good too

i'd prolly offer the .com and note which other domains/trademarks are included in the sale price.

additionally, i'd have the name parked, just to see if any traffic and if it converts for "dating or relationships" keywords.

another option: you can offer the package here at, but you will have to upgrade to Platinum, to post sales threads.

also, there's a site > ocean tomo and they deal in IP auctions

Good Luck!

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Feb 10, 2019
Far be it from me, a new member here, to tell anyone what to do, but this is the appraisal forum. You'll get more input on this subject if you post to the proper forum as you have no appraisal request. People browsing this forum ar elooking to appraise domains, not discuss how to sell a brand package. So you will get less responses.