I analyzed 78 blogger income reports to see where/how they generated $900k in August

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May 23, 2002
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Earlier this week I finished my analysis of 78 blogger income reports from August to see how their revenue is generated.

What amazed me was these 78 bloggers generated close to $900k in revenue for the month using OVER 170 different revenue sources.

I took those 170 sources and broke them down into seven categories:
  • Affiliates: $301,475.66
  • Products and Services: $134,413.73
  • Sponsorships: $130,674.65
  • Advertising Network: $46,192.87
  • Freelance: $36,831.42
  • Consulting: $11,898.32
  • Unclassified: $235,263.54
NOTE: Unclassified: Revenue that doesn’t fit into the previous six categories or the income reporter didn’t get an details on the specific revenue.

Without overwhelming you with too much data, I wanted to share the Top 5 Affiliate Programs and Top 5 Advertising Networks these bloggers used in August:

Top 5 Advertising Network
  1. AdThrive — $14,316.07
  2. Google Adsense — $6,592.51
  3. Mediavine — $1,158.41
  4. YouTube — $780.70
  5. PadSquad — $728.00
Top 5 Affiliate Programs
  1. Bluehost — $114,455.00
  2. Amazon Associates — $45,078.16
  3. Zero to Launch Course — $17,277.80
  4. Convertkit — $12,918.33
  5. Clickfunnels — $10,921.00
For those who want more detail including a look at complete list of affiliate programs used in August 2016, you can read the full blog post here.

Also if you have any questions, feel free to reply to this thread. Looking forward to hear from you and making these reports even better.


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Aug 27, 2014
United Kingdom
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