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Oct 10, 2009
Hello Folks,

I see that this forum is completely overrun by cryptomaniacs so I will advertise it here.

As all the good things come to an end, due to not enough time I decided to sell my beloved domain and youtube channel together with the Youtube + DTUBE + Steem + Gmail + All affiliate accounts (the domain will be pushed to you).


The channel have great future potential. I have close to 6k great music videos (500+ subs) what you can update with 1 click for advertising purposes. You might continue the channel as well or switch the content to something else eg: how to create electronic music with software or in a professional studio (the possibilities are limitless). I had many servers encoding videos for the channel, totaling thousands of dollars in operation costs.

I will consider offers from 10 BTC from verified people on the forum with current online portfolio (what I will review before trading with you). Payment only in cryptos (ETH,XMR,BTC ...).

Please pm me if you are interested don't just reply to the tread.
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