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Mar 1, 2003
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We have opened FreeHosting123.com as part of the Nav2.NET network. We offer free CPanel hosting with FTP access, mySQL support and also CGI / PHP support. In total you receive 150 MB web space and 2.5 GB bandwidth per month. Your account is 100% Ad-free.

This site is by INVITE ONLY.

We are asking prospective members to submit your site for review link via the site contact form. You will be sent an invitation if the site is acceptable and approved. Once you are a member, you will have the opportunity to invite other members. There will be no selling of invite codes. We are only allowing a very limited number of invite codes today. New codes will be available in the coming weeks on our site and toolbar located on Nav2.NET.

Our service is based on referrals. Existing users can invite new users however they are responsible for new users. If an invited user abuses his / her account the referer will be kicked too - even if it is not his / her fault.

There are no banners or popup windows at all on these accounts. Our accounts are all ad-free. Our goal are ad-free quality accounts for quality people.

Please use the contact form on the website to submit your site for review.

Thank you,

FreeHosting123.com - part of the Nav2.net Network
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