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Apr 9, 2006
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What does Ketty mean?
Ketty is a common name of a girl and it means 'pure or torture' and it originated from Old Greek. It is largely used in Italian and is a variation transcription of Katherine in English.

How many google searches Monthly?
204,600 Broad searches, probably with last names.
5,456 Exact searches.

How many people are there named Ketty?
Well, too many to count.
Just type " ketty" on Google, and you will see there are 1,450,000 Profiles/Pages that contain the name Ketty, that is more than a million.

Confused with the name "Katy"
Believe it or not, there are 18,100 monthly exact searches for "Ketty Perry"

All extensions are taken
.com(he is taking offers from $10,000)
.net, .info, .de, .me,, .biz, .eu, .tv

BIN: $600 or the best offer.
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