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May 14, 2002
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I've noticed some inconsistencies in their database.

For example, they have the domain 'ac.com' listed as On Hold, yet it has never been On Hold and is registered for years.
I have seen many other domains like this on there - NameBoy used to have the same problem.

Also I don't know how often they update their database, because they have loads of domains listed as 'On Hold', yet a lot of them have already been taken up on the drop.

I found a link to where they are also selling a list of all the COM/NET/ORG domains registered for about $500. What a cheek!! You could get it for free if you can get the zone files!!!

Another thing is their new captions aren't very good: "Make of your brand, a domain list" and "Your brand Universe in your Mailbox", although "Domain Information Technology" is quite good.
I get the feeling that they are foreign.

I can't really complain though because I think they're doing a sterling job offering the search function for free. (Makes other pay-expired-domain-lists to shame!).

Dear Devolution,

We update our databases every day, even if a few (0,2%) domains aren't checked by our softwares and are published again the next day.

We are based in Rome, Italy, as specified in our company profile.

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