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developed Michael Jackson quality website with High traffic & revenue potential MJTheKOP.com

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Dec 19, 2007
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For sale is a Michael Jackson (The king of pop ) website : MJTheKOP.com

We have been working on it for over a month now. We planned to keep this website for a long run, but decided recently to sell this one because we need some extra cash for some urgent projects.

Why a Michael Jackson website ?

Michael Jackson without a doubt is one of the hottest names/niches/topics, over 151 million searches per month on google only, and millions of other MJ related keywords search each month, even after his death the number of fans get bigger than ever and more people are interested on MJ music and related products, more new shows/movies/remixes/books about MJ will be released in the near futur, a sure thing that MJ legacy will leave on for a long time if not forever . " With all the respect to Michael Jackson, The greatest entertainer of all time. R.I.P MJ " .

Features & content

The website has tons of features and content to talk about but I will shorten and recall the most important, as you can see it has almost all information about Michael Jackson : Biography (Full), MJ Awards, Full interviews that MJ had (Videos and text format), Books written by or for MJ, Magazine covers, MJ Charities ... And a section for MJ Music legacy has : All MJ albums, almost all MJ music videos ( streamed from youtube and others, we hard worked to get only high quality videos..), all songs Lyrics, MJ Concerts and more ... . We did our best to make all the content unique as much as possible. Website has as well a Fans section with a feature that will let fans submit & share their articles, tribute, images, videos .. and admin will have full control to moderate that before posting. An IM chat section, Ajax based and customized IM/chat system where all fans/users can meet and chat .. . Photo gallery section with many options to show images with a beautiful flash and dynamic way . You'll be able to easily add as many images/galleries as you want

Website has a great system that makes it gets automatically updated with latest news (targeted and mixed) about Michael Jackson from all around the web (feeds), gets as well automatically updated with related quality & targeted only youtube videos what makes it has fresh news/videos content every hours . you'll have a full control of this content via admin panel .. .

Website will be integrated with your google Analytics account, feedburner/google to track rss feed subscribers, and you will get the twitter account MJTheKoP, with a feature that will automatically twitt a specify posts to the twitter account, this will grantee some extra traffic .


A MJ Store section that offer all MJ related products with many categories, affiliated with Amazon, site monetized as well with google Adsense and has an ads Rotator system, ads can be added on all pages and posts, we just didn't want to place many ads in this stage. There are many ways to monetize the website, with amazon, ebay, affiliate, CPA, ringtones, adsense and private advertisement offers as well .. Has a great potential to generate good revenue .

Website Structure & SEO

Website is fully SEO ready, with over 1,600 tags, over 530 pages indexed in google so far and growing, what will make it ranks high and get tons of organic search engines traffic. Based on Wordpress CMS, with our customization and over 30 plugins, clean design & widgets ready (customized premium theme). Every thing is easy to manage and edit within the WP admin panel, you don't need to know html, php or have any experience to control and administrate the website, every thing is easy to manage with few clicks and ready for a complete newbie or experimented webmaster. You will be able to add more pages, sections, categories, menus ... you want .

Traffic and Revenue :

As I said before we've worked to make it fully SEO ready, he gets some organic traffic so far around 2500 unique visitor a month, without us doing any promotion yet. So for sure when you start promoting it will gets great number of organic traffic from search engines as well as other traffic. Some revenue from adsense around $45 so far, maybe some few amazon earning can't tell exactly, and $100 offered to us for placing a banner at top for around 3 weeks, we got contacted via an interested party for that, banner was removed past week so all advertisement will be 100% clean and yours . a good start considering we didn't worked yet to really monetize the site .

Domain & Website transfer :

Domain name is registered at Godaddy, free push to your account, domain it self has a good value (You know that hundreds if not thousands of MJ related domains have been registered after his death!) we got a number of good offers for the domain alone.

We will transfer the website from our server/hosting to your host and make sure every thing will work perfectly, a premium hosting $60 to $90 per Year is good enough to perfectly host this website right now. I will offer the buyer my long time FREE support, any time for any how, I will be here to assist and help you until you get 100% satisfied .

Conclusion !

In the end, we believe it's a complete website with almost all MJ history and legacy as well as fresh news/videos each day with fans and media sections, it can even gets bigger with you adding more content to it. With some "free" promotion and if you give it a few hours a week for sure it will generate great revenue for a long run .

Please feel free to PM me or post here if you have any questions or need more information, Please note that we have listed this website on other places for sale so it may gets sold any time soon, so please if you're interested place your bid immediately !.

Price :

Bid start : $990

BIN : later ..

Payment : Via Escrow.com, very safe for both parties, I may consider Paypal as well .

Thanks .
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Jul 25, 2004
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we got a number of good offers for the domain alone

Take one and run as fast as you can
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