PCIndex.com - 17 years old - $175

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Feb 21, 2012
Rhode Island

You looked here because you know this is a real good name, and it is. This one was registered in July 1995, making this a nice investment domain name at over 17 years old!!!

Comps (comparative sales) are used in real estate and can be applied to domain names, to some degree. Here are some recent comparable sales to give you some idea of value here.
TrustIndex.com sold for $2,800 on Sedo
MetroIndex.com sold for $1,865 on Sedo
BoatIndex.com sold for $1,100 on Sedo
YogaIndex.com sold for $2,235 on Sedo
GigIndex.com sold for $2,235 on Afternic
SolarIndex.com sold for $3,183 on Sedo
ThIndex.com sold for for $3,000 on Sedo
Make yourself some money and invest in PCIndex.com today!!! Come on folks, start kicking your business into a higher gear!
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