Domain Days Dubai (ex image Host) and (ex Sitemap Generator) taking Offers

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Jun 7, 2007
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Both websites I have taken down a couple weeks ago: used to be a rather popular image host with more then 40k uploaded images with many frequent users, I have decided to take this one down because I did not have the time to manage the site properly and people uploading some sick stuff (real sick!) that got me in trouble a few times with Godaddy (basically suspending my server each time until the files were gone). I didn't monetize that site other then a couple link sales on it ($xxx, contracts have ended) and is now parked and earning a couple cents (2000 visits this month so far)... used to be a sitemap generator and script that was sold to webmasters for $15 a piece, I sold a couple of them but the script stopped working on me and I can't be bothered to fix it, haven't touched it ever so it was probably broken during some GD Host update which might be an easy fix, now parked as well but very low traffic only..

I would like to sell the domains AS IS only since I am using some terrible 3G internet connection currently but I still have all the old files on a godaddy server until Saturday then I am moving away from GD for good leaving the files, so if you want the sites it would have to be before that day (probably me giving you access so you can download yourself).

I am open for ALL offers starting at $25 each and motivated to sell, but if you want all the old files I would ask for some extra, however my advice would be especially for to start fresh with a good paid image host script, the right traffic is still there.

Both domains are at Domainmonster and won't expire before end of october 2013.
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