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closed Please Appraise These Four "4K" Related Domain Names

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Aug 31, 2010
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Hello everybody.

Looking for an appraisal or opinions on these four, up and coming tech names that i just recently hand regged.

*all dot coms*

• Buy 4K TV

• 4K Recorder

• Telepresence 4K

• 4K Tablet

in a nutshell:
4k, as you may or may not already know, is a new screen resolution for display at 4096 pixels.
The display is supposed to be AMAZING!

Everything listed above is already being manufactured, or is in development, with the exception of '4k Tablet' - at least i was unable to find any hard evidence of a 4k tablet being produced or tested, so this is my only 'blind' purchase here, but it only makes sense.
(most big 4k names are already taken... laptop(s), tv(s), movie(s), video(s), monitor(s), projector(s), display(s), cinema(s), screen(s)...etc...)

All opinions and appraisals - both good and bad - are welcome and appreciated.
(any additional inofrmation would also be helpful)

Thank you for your time.

- j
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