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Yeah, it's hard to get the hang of this when you're a newbie...
But hey, at least I will learn from dumb mistakes and I'm taking
it easy and may even use the domains myself.

I checked for possible trademark issues but found none.

xxxperience.com <-- .net and .org were already taken, so maybe worth it?
deliciouspink.com <-- I shouldn't have done this one I guess
pinkpeep.com <-- catchy name for peepshow related stuff?
dollarplay.com <-- casino/gambling potential?
geilesletjes.com <-- this one is the dutch equivalent of "hornybitches.com"

"Geile sletjes" is an extremely popular term among dutch college guys and I'll
probably use the domain myself for a student-hotty-contest style website.
Last year there was geilemeiden.com that got popular and was bought by an
adult company. It could have potential, but it's hard for people who don't
speak dutch to evaluate this one.
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Unfortunately, I don't see much value here. DollarPlay.com for a casino site does not sound too tempting to me. Casinos on the Net are international. And not everyone is dealing with dollars. However, pinkpeep.com sounds interesting enough to fetch some dollars. But no big money to be made selling adult names these days. Those days are long gone...

Good Luck!!
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