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Oct 12, 2003
Ford is a registered trademark. As the domain could clearly only make money monetising based on the back of the brand I would say this domain is not only worthless it is potentially worth *less* than zero. ie you could end up paying a lot of damages or lawyer fees just for owning it. If I found this domain in my portfolio from a purchase I would attempt to get it deleted or at least make sure it doesn't point anywhere and let it expire.

*the usual disclaimer* - I am not a lawyer and my advice is not legal. You may want to consult a lawyer. I speak only from experience where I ended up paying 5 figures in damages years ago for a breach of a trademark in a domain name where the domain had earned me less than $10.

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Jul 24, 2004
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There are certainly issues with trademarked domain names, and if you keep it at a US registrar, you are asking for trouble. If you want to keep it, best bet would be to move it to a non US registrar, under privacy protection, and probably also a fake name and address. But then again if you had a Ford car dealership, you could possibly get away with it as part of the franchise relationship.