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auctions - Estibot +$100,000 - No Reserve @ Flippa


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Feb 28, 2008
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Colossal Opportunity - 1000000 Searches per Month - 6 Figure Estibot Appraisal!

There are 1M searches for « Printers » each and every month, according to Google Keyword Planner. 1,000,000 exact/targeted searches in a lucrative vertical. As a point of comparison, the keyword « Printer » receives 1,220,000 searches; both keywords can obviously be capitalized upon here.

You will not find a higher quality keyword, enjoying the same search volume and brand-appeal as « Printers », available with an entry-level bid of just $1 (yes, this auction is no-reserve). sold for $21,500. sold for $60,000. changed hands for close to $1,000,000 in August 2008.

This is .INFO folks - a world-renowned online extension that perfectly connects effortlessly to product-category domains. Internet users are constantly looking up information on PCs, printers, accessories and so forth. was first registered in the Summer of 2002.

This superb keyword domain, that effortlessly comprises a wide range of sister-products and accessories, is today available through another exclusive Flippa listing. will change hands when this no-reserve auction ends.


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Dec 23, 2022
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Hi, this is an intresting post and i have also an offer for the Toner and printers.

Inkspot is Australia's leading essay and color supplier. They offer marketable services to businesses, government agencies and seminaries upon request, and for all guests, large and small, an exchange option. So, when your printer dies from natural causes( or from repeated accidental knocks), they will credit the client for the remaining unopened inks and/ or colors.

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