Developed Script by AA Team Not Reporting Affiliate Traffic for


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Jun 29, 2004
Springfield, Ma
I purchased a script on Envato to run my stores, I have had success with Fresh Store Builder, but thought it would be easier to manage my stores within Wordpress as a multisite.

I purchased the Woozone Amazon Affiliate Buncle, and it worked beautifully. But I noticed NONE of my traffic was being recorded at Amazon, and after a month or two of working on my stores...and seeing no traffic, I attempted to contact AA Team through Envato.

Their ticket system requires I enter my license, then it says code 11: you have entered in an install installed 33 times when you have a site license for only one domain.

I wrote them and explained their was nothing on Envato's site that says I was limited to one domain, and further, their software approved EACH and EVERY INSTALL. After checking with Amazon, it's clear all sales from my site are not being credited to my affiliate ID.

If you are using this script, be careful. I spent a lot of time and money working on my sites for nothing. Woozone and the AA Team should be embarrassed and Envato and Amazon should know about this.