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Seo Tool Megapack - Semrush, Ahrefs, Whitespark Citation Finder And Plagspotter


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Apr 17, 2015
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Get access to exclusive paid features from a wide variety of SEO tools in one platform


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Public price of $49 per month.
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“I have seen hundreds of Systems, Ebooks, Platforms and Services pass through my business WSO Creative. SEM Compass promises to provide a unique and extremely valuable tool for IM newbies and experts alike.”
Des Lau, Owner of WSOCreative.com

“A game changer for SME’s and website owners leading their own online marketing efforts”
Grant Merriel, Director of DigitalMarketingGroup.com.au

Very easy to use, nice tool. Think of it as an SEO Swiss army knife.
Mr Apricot, b***d.com Forum Moderator - 3191 posts

Purchased it elsewhere today, but I had to come on *** to leave my review:
This tool is AWESOME… Glad to have subscribed to this tool and I plan to use it daily from here on out. Keep up the great work. The value I got for the price is ridiculous.

Dubious, b***d.com Forum Regular Member - 233 posts

Using this service for quite some time . Works well !
Youknowwho, w***e.com Forum Senior Member - 147 posts

Just signed up and played around with it. I have to say, this is an AMAZING product with so much potential. I love the presentation and the layout, very easy on the eyes. All my favorite tools are accessible within one dashboard…
So, Ahrefs, SEMRush, WhiteSpark, Plagspotter for $15? I must be f**** dreaming.
Tremendous product guys, can't wait for it to develop and progress!

artlan, w***e.com Forum Member - 33 posts

SEM Compass is an SEO tool aggregator

Get access to exclusive paid features from a wide variety of SEO tools in one platform:


1. Ahrefs: The largest index of live backlinks.
  • Generate reports for any URL or domain.
  • Export thousands of backlinks or domains.
2. SEMRush: Competitive intelligence.
  • Generate reports for any URL, domain or keyword,
  • Export thousands of rankings, competitor lists, keyword research lists, and more,
3. WhiteSpark: Local Citation Finder.
  • Isolate what it takes to rank locally from any city/region around the world.
  • Instantly analyse google’s 7pack map SERPs.
  • Find your competitors citations from their business info - phone number and address!
  • Generate curated relevant lists of hundreds of citations.
  • Export reports.
4. Plagspotter: Duplicate Content Finder.
  • Discover what is duplicated across your or competitors websites.
  • Get duplicate content scores based on severity.
  • Reverse engineer content sydication methods or find duplicate content on your own site.
5. Georanker: Local Rank Tracker. COMING SOON.
  • Generate ranking reports for any city+region combo from around the world.
  • Want to know your rankings are in Paris France for google.com? how about your rankings in California Vs New York? Yep! GeoRanker can do that.
  • Track up to 100 keyword URL combinations.
This is your toolbox


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You can generate approximately 400 reports.
When you reach 50% (200) reports, then email us for more.


Thank-you for your support and feedback during the beta free trial so far.

Ryan and Sam (Co-founders).


Please read the entire thread as we post vital updates here.
SEM Compass is not a group buy. Its a platform.
We have contracts with all our data providers and we will be around for a long time.

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