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Nov 14, 2011
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Hello friends. So I currently have the following domains in my possession:

With every domain I buy I ensure that if push comes to shove they can be developed; developed into something I would not have a problem nurturing into a worthwhile business/venture. However, like most of you :)P), I get lazy sometimes...and go for the sales pitch before considering development of the domain. I don't go all out to promote that they are for sale since I'm not looking to become a fulltime domainer, I just post in one or two big, public spaces where I feel they will get maximum exposure and a higher chance of being sold. If eventually they do not get sold, believe it or not, it's not my loss because I did have a vision for them; but sometimes I'm just curious to see if others view the potential in these names as valuable as I do.

Anyhow, unto the appraisal.

Starting with the most obvious:

  • - This can be easily developed into a blog that help males to be more attractive and desireable. There are also numerous monetization avenues such as affiliate programs, selling ads etc.
  • -this would be dedicated to teaching jamaican patois to those who want to learn. I could also pitch related products through affiliate programs and partner with other brands to establish authority in this relatively "virgin" niche. I've done basic market/keyword research and have concluded it's worthwhile.
  • - "Sufferation" is a term that resonates well with anyone who even casually listens to dancehall. It's also very easily brandable. For example, it could be used for a "poor people defender" website. Or even more generally, a website targeting dancehall fans or even simply caribbean people.
  • This one I was in a stump about for a long time until recently when I underwent some extensive research and found out there is an animated series with the exact name as my domain. This newfound knowledge on top of ideas I had previously thought up gave me a vision as to what I could build the site out into. The details are too intricate to post here but short story... it would be a blog somewhat similar to perezhilton except less shitty and more specifically targeted. Before I proceed though I reached out to the owner of the animated series to see if he would be interested in buying the domain.

So, what do you guys think?
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