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Apr 9, 2004
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www.12webTools.info - $75
Has 12 tools great for any webmaster! PR, bulk PR checker, image host, RSS, AJAX, & more!

www.DivorceINFO.info - $30
great little site selling ebook about Life after Divorce!

www.MySpace-Games.biz - $50
TONS of games, nice clean design!

www.AmericasFunnyVideos.net - $50
Videos feed site from YOUTUBE, also comes with blog.

www.AuctionHall.org - $30
eBay most wanted site - search and find anything on ebay right from here!

www.Buying-Vitamins.info - $40
Vitamin site, affiliate driven, nice site, simply market and collect commissions.

www.BlueIcon.org - $30
FAVICON Website - build and create your very one favicons and allow others to utilize this neat service!

www.Text-Code.NET - $40
Text Messaging site. Great for the younger crowd, get nice google/yahoo clicks too, as well as banner ad placements!

PROXY SITES, these have great domains, huge search terms!

www.Multi-Proxy.NET - $40
www.Anonymous-Proxy.us - $40
www.ProxySearch.biz - $50
www.ProxySearch.us - $50
www.ProxyMySpace.biz - $50


www.SiteMapping.org - $25 (Perfect domain!)
Sells the Google Site Map making code

www.DepressionINFO.info - $30
Flash design, selling information on getting out of depression!

www.Always-Joking.info - $50
Jokes site that comes with approx 800-1000 jokes. php/mysql driven.

www.LegalPractitioner.info - $25
Lawyer site/directory. Can be free or paid listings - great google/yahoo click

www.CityatNight.info - $25
city directory - gearing toward nightlife, etc.

www.HotFemalesOnline.COM - $30
model/portfolio site!

www.BurningBabesOnline.COM - $30
Photo rating site - check out the hotties!

www.Hot-Keywords.info - $40
Cool little site that utilizes the most popular things/events/searches that are happening - works with Yahoo and Wikipedia!!

www.The-Classifieds.info - $25
Classified site, pretty self explanitory.

www.TheDirectoryOnline.info - $25
again, pretty self explanitory - directory for just about anything you like!

www.FitGuide.info - $30
Guide to body building and staying fit!!

www.CasinoSource.info - $25
Play/Gamble on this online casino!

www.ResourceCentral.info - $40
VERY clean myspace code generator site ... modify your myspace profile, etc!


www.JewelryDelight.NET - $50
eBay affiliate site for all types of jewelry!

www.MusicSupply.info - $50
eBay affiliate site for all types of music and instruments!

buy them both for $85!


www.MusicLister.org - $25
nice niche site offering for people to list their music, share and comment

www.VitaminsForSale.info - $40
Vitamin site, affiliate driven, nice site, simply market and collect commissions.

www.DowntimeAlert.NET - $40
FREE service site that monitors your sites downtime, if a site goes does it automatically notifies you.

www.Fast-Recipes.info - $50
Recipe site that has approx 800 reciepes already included! including 400+ "Secret Recipes".

www.FreeFontsOnline.info - $50
FREE Font download site - has over 3000 fonts already included!

www.OnlineLegalForm.info - $40
Nice design, easy to navigate .. admin you can change the pricing on the forms, add forms, categories, etc.

www.PortfolioLog.org - $25
a Template Monster affiliate site .. offering templates, icons, etc.

www.TradeVideos.net - $30
more videos, and use amazon, google, etc to further monetize!

www.ProxyGuard.info - $30
great little proxy site, super clean design and google optimized!

www.mxHosting.info - $40
nice Hosting Directory, already has 100+ entries!

www.SalesAgency.org - $35 - (NICE Domain)
convenient job search website!

www.TimeCapsuled.org - $30
Genealogy website, selling ebooks to help people with their research!

www.TimeForPlanB.org - $30 (gotta love this name!)
Article site about earning more money than the norm! get ahead of the curve with the knowledge of a second income potential!


www.ExchangingLinks.info - $25
www.ExchangingBanners.info - $25
$30 for the pair!!

Web Tools sites!

www.4webtools.info - $50
www.ActionWebTools.info - $50


Post SOLD to claim ... most all the domains are registered at either GoDaddy or eNom or Whiz.in and are relatively new sites, assume little no revenue ... some of these sites might have a little traffic (like 50-100 uniques per month) ... free push ... thanks to all in advance! Jerimy.
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Jan 23, 2004
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anonymous-proxy.us and sitemapping.org (as long as it comes with the product that is being sold) SOLD, pm me paypal details.
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