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closed SOUTHCAP.com needs your evaluation !

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Not familiar with this business, I need the evaluation and advices of the community for SOUTHCAP.com

I have just received an email requesting the price of the d. name .

Should I invite the sender to place an offer or already propose him a fixed price ? What could be the value of Southcap.com taking into consideration that it is not developped and I do not own the .net ?

With many thanks in advance for your comments and kind assistance !

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not owning the .net won't affect the .com value as you've got the prime variant.

But why did you reg southcap.com in the first place?

Although I don't know what "southcap" represents, I suppose that since you were contacted in the first place you can go either way: ask the person for their offer, or set a price - preferrably the highest you are willing to accept and start "haggling" down from - and wait for their response. Too high of a price and you risk them losing interest - too low of a price and you might kill the domain for less. It's all a matter of insight and luck. So, good luck! :D

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a quick search on yahoo shows it means
Southern Counties Art Project


California Arts Project

It may mean a few things more

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Having another look, about 15 companies/organisations could be interested in this.

I woukd start a bidding war if i was you. Contact all of them, tell them you own the name, its being sold, and if they would be interested.
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