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auctions SRR.INFO and AZV.INFO @Flippa $1 - 22k exact searches /mo


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Oct 19, 2007
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(Registrar: Name.com - Expiration: September 2016 - April 2016)

FLIPPA auction link: https://flippa.com/5522455-srr-info...00-exact-searches-mo-high-cpc-common-acronyms

It ends in 7 days.

** SRR .INFO **

Domain Name registered on Name.com, Exp. Date on September 2016.


SRR .info isn't one of those domain names needing a long, annoying, claiming (and generally overestimated) description, it sells by itself.

Just few facts about it.

1) Two Premium Letters (S and R) , there are no Q, W, J or Z, just to say. This is a REAL Premium LLL domain name.
The pattern is very rare, with the double ending "R".

2) "SRR" has a volume of 22,000 exact searches / month. Pay attention, i said EXACT. I'm not talking about any broad or approssimative volume, i mean the exact "SRR" expression has been searched an average of 22,000 times each month for the past 12 months.

3) Estibot evaluates SRR .info $1.600 .

4) There are some past sales in some way related to this domain name. If you take a look at LLL.info sales, the average price is in the high $xxx - low $x,xxx range (between $650 - $2,000) . Check Namebio for more infos, it's a powerful tool.


** AZV .INFO **

Domain Name registered on Name.com, Exp. Date on April 2016.


AZV .info requires just only one search on Google (or any search engine) to make its value more clear. Hundreds of companies and business all over the World are using AZV as acronym or business names.

Just few facts.

1) "AZV" has a volume of 3,600 exact searches / month. Pay attention, even for this domain i'm using the term "EXACT".

2) Estibot evaluates AZV .INFO $1,200

Reserve price is definitely low, and you can end the auction at any time, BIN is only $140 .

Good luck.
And now.... 3 Days!

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