Star Gate Drops?

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Jun 29, 2002
Star Gate used to be the fastest registrar to drop domains - has that changed? I'v been waiting for an SG domain to drop for over a week now!

SG used to drop domains 1 to 3 days after expiery - has that changed?


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Oct 26, 2002
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It looks like they still delete domains next day... But this registrar is full of bugs. I've decided to let one of my stargate domains expire, it expired on October 5th. They still did NOT delete it. The only difference for this domain was that it had nameserver names with its name - this had and dns servers. I guess they actually sent delete command to the registry, but they forgot to delete nameservers before, so the domain was not deleted. Maybe I am wrong. But there are no any legal/lock issues with this domain...
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