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Jan 11, 2021
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I am offering my domain name for sale on sedo.com and godaddy platforms. The selling price is $ 3,000. Site content can be branded in many areas such as stock management, coin management, sales platform, blog. The name is formed by the merger of stock and kee. The sound characteristic of Kee is the same as the keyword and is in high demand. Stock is a word with high search capability. I am waiting for your offers. Alan Adim is SEO friendly. Includes Whois protection.

  • Stock management
  • Coin Management
  • Coin Marketting
  • Exchange
  • Marketing
  • Blog
  • Market place
  • Supply
  • Product marketing
  • Stock key
  • You can use this name for anything you want and create your own brand.

  • If you want, I will also provide the sales logo that I specially designed for the site.
  • logo.png
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