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STONEDSTOCKS.COM is a brandable name created for use as a financial markets website, forum, etc. where a discussion of potstocks is the center focus. "Stonedstocks" is a literary play on "Potstocks" with a couple things that should become apparent. (1) Since Pot allegedly makes a person "Stoned", then Stonedstocks is a unique play on the term "potstocks". (2) Since "Stoned" is a term used to describe when someone is "High" from ingesting marijuana, it is a clever usage of the word to describe stocks because most stock investors go by the mantra "buy low, sell HIGH" as they will profit the more the stock goes up (or gets high). Thus, Stonedstocks is a uniquely smart and brandable name as it relates to POT STOCKS in general.

WHAT'S A POTSTOCK? In short, it's an informal term to describe the equities, in the form of stocks, of a publicly traded Company who's operations, or a portion of its operations are in some way related to the Marijuana Industry. A company's stock would likely be considered a "potstock" if said company's operations have some relation to the marijuana industry, even if said relation is small or indirect. This includes but is not limited to biotech/pharmaceutical companies that develop new medicines from the various compounds found in the marijuana plant, Dispensaries that sell marijuana to consumers/end users on a retail level , Industrial-sized marijuana farms that grow marijuana plants and then sell wholesale distributors, etc, and Wholesale distributors who store, ship, and sell to retail dispensaries. It also includes the stock of Companies that manufacture, market, and/or sell equipment and/or other products used in either the agricultural aspect of growing , harvesting, and drying marijuana plants, the retail/selling sector of the industry including both dispensaries as well as manufacturers of retail consumable products, extracts, edibles, etc. It also includes manufacturers of consumer products like vaporizers, pipes, storage devices, plant grinding machines, etc. In fact, there are companies in every niche of the market just like practically any other industry, and as such, you will find companies involved in countless other operations, such as marketing or manufacturing/supplying specific materials for growing marijuana, or storing marijuana, or even software engineering companies that develop software used by any number of these types of companies.

MARIJUANA INDUSTRY? As recently reported last month in the Huffington Post , Marijuana is the fastest growing industry in the United States. If legalization spreads among all 50 states, Marijuana will surpass the organic food industry, which has also seen tremendous growth over the years. Between 2013 and 2014, the Industry as a whole grew by 74%, from $2.7 million to $1.5 Billion.

STONEDSTOCKS.COM? -So, there are countless websites centered on the discussion of stock trading in general and there are tons of sites that cater to each specific industry and sector. There are only a limited number of websites thus far that focus primarily on a discussion of Potstocks and it is safe to assume that since the industry is the fastest growing in the entire United States, that there will no doubt be an increase in the number of websites that follow the industry and the financial markets closely. There is no better name for such a sight than; it's memorable, humorous, and again, we buy low and sell high, so we want our stocks to get high, and that's precisely what provides.
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