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Tabletsales.com - Hottest Tablet Sales On The Internet |2k9 Exactmatch|189 Page Views/mo

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Oct 27, 2012
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Get your hands on this awesome domain name right now while you still can.

I have a live ongoing auction for this domain name at flippa here => http://bit.ly/tabletsalesflippaauction

Tablets sales in the computer industry is at an all-time high, with fierce price competitions between the major industry brands Google / Apple / Microsoft . If you think you deserve to cash in on the tablet pricing & discounts war then you definitely need to acquire the perfect domain name for that purpose TabletSales.com .

Tablets are here to stay and will only keep getting more sophisticated. Almost everyone owns at least one tablet now. Chances are that you are also reading this auction description on a tablet device.

TabletSales.com is a premium domain name with 2928K EXACT MATCH MONTHLY SEARCH, that’s a lot for an exact match search because it means people search for that exact keyword every month, and with highly priced keywords as high as $26.38 CPC this is an awesome deal!!!


Keyword CPC

tablet pc sales $26.38

tablet deals $2.36

best deals on tablets $2.29

pc tablet deals $4.4

deals for tablets $3.55

cheap tablet deals $2.21

tablets on sale $3.12

best tablet $10.01

See Verified Google Analytics Traffic Stats Here -> https://flippa.com/auctions/3021390/attachments/971339.pdf

I setup a small autoblog showing video reviews of latest tablet releases on the domain name which is now drawing in traffic to tabletsales.com and has received 440 Visitors so far ( 51 Uniques / 189 Pageviews ).

I have a live ongoing auction for this domain name at flippa here => http://bit.ly/tabletsalesflippaauction
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