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Two Girls On A Mission - Girlmedia, Update 3

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Jul 29, 2011
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Something very special happened yesterday on Sarah and Elise received their first genuine sigh-up to the site! Sarah was home from university and you wouldn’t believe the impact that this had on her.

Up until now the project of learning about business by building a website had been a little theoretical. Sarah had a day without studies at university and I began to teach her how to read Google Analytics. Already, without any money spent on marketing people were beginning to link to the content. This blew her away.

Where in the past it was work because Dad said it would be good now she was like a girl on a mission. For the first time, she setup her laptop in my study and worked without breaks on setting up a twitter, facebook and instagram account for girlmedia. She put together the pages and made a number of posts in each. Within the space of a couple of hours we had 30+ followers on instagram and had already begun accumulating likes in facebook.

Both Elise and Sarah had recorded a video of them talking for about 14 minutes on a variety of topics so that people could get to know them. It was all really girly but that’s what the sites about! I’ve just checked and the video has already been viewed nearly 80 times. BTW – now also has a youtube channel….created by Sarah. She’s also setup girlmedia email addresses for her sister and her.

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