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Jul 21, 2004
In addition to the 3 blogs on sale here, I'm taking offers on this Unofficial Yankees fan site/blog.

Free push to the current registrar. I will give you CPanel/FTP access for 7 days to move the site, if you want to, or you can continue hosting with me for a reasonable fee.

I accept verified PayPal payment only. If payment is not received within 12 hours, I reserve the right to put the site back up for sale or offer it to someone else. I reserve the right to withdraw any site or not to sell to anyone for any reason.

Posted on multiple forums. Post SOLD to claim @ BIN. All sales are without warrantee and final.

Thanks for looking! :) - PR3

  • Description: Yankees blog with loads of baseball content and features
  • Currently has 3,093 posts within 7 categories. Some original content, some content from Wikipedia, others via auto-updating RSS feeds
  • Domain circa 2001 (*/
  • I've owned this site since about March 2005 - only converted it from a static site to WordPress about a month ago
  • Google and Yahoo sitemaps generated and submitted for 3000+ pages
  • Well-indexed (e.g. 731 pages indexed in Goole
  • #1 in Google/Yahoo for "yankees dugout" (popular search term: 1,440,000 results in Google)
  • More info:
  • Have never actively promoted this site: 1189 uniques (9976 hits) in August, 452 in September, 183 uniques in October to date (2006 to date: 4862 uniques / 44518 hits). More stats: (click on "View in Graphical Format" - please note, "hits" here correspond more with Awstats "visits"). The stats are actually higher, but I moved this site twice this year and there was some downtime
  • Site was never monetized properly - Adsense: $3.57 (since August 7, 2006, when it was added) / Amazon: no figure available, as I cannot track this site separately
  • Minimum offer: $250
  • BIN $550
Not open for further replies.