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Werewolves(dot)com and other generic .COM names -- wide variety

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Dec 26, 2002
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Looking for offers on some .COM names, starting with WEREWOLVES (dot) com. This one was regged by me back in 1997 (ah, the good ol' days of domaining)

OVT 26,839
OVT with extension 52
Created June 11, 1997

Expires June 2007... This puppy is so pristine it's even still at Network Solutions.

Werewolves, of course, are a big theme in many big movies, books and video games, and sometimes elsewhere. Possibly even brandable for something else. It's got some links in, and is active as a redirect for another site I own. No web page content is included.

Looking for serious offers only, in line with its status. $XX,XXX and transaction through Escrow.com (we'll split costs). And be forewarned that the way escrow.com handles proving transfer will require you to sign up with an account at NetSol/Verisign/whatever they call themselves this week.


Also looking to sell at various prices:

CLOWNINAROUND (dot) COM (Note, no G on Clowning, though some people use Clownin' instead, which is where the domain originally came from). Used to be an active e-commerce site for Halloween supplies, costumes, clown supplies, balloons, and that end of things, with a Yahoo listing and everything. Still has some of those links active. Currently at RegisterFly, expires in March.

BALLOONBIZ, BEWITCHERY and MARDIGRASMASK (dot) COMs -- all originally side projects with the above e-commerce site. All at RegisterFly, expiring soonish, available separately. CLOWNCAMP also, but at Dotster (man, I have these all over) and not expiring until October.

and the tech-related names:

SPIDERLINGS (dot) COM for Internet robot and scripting goodness (RegFly, exp. Sept.)


TALKGEEK (dot) COM for tech chat, training, and all that (RegFly, exp. Aug.)

I've got others also, but let's just go with those for now.
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