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Why is it some domains with lots of traffic are not developed?

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David G

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Apr 15, 2002
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Isn't it amazing how some of us own domains which receive zillions of hits per day but for some odd reason they do not resolve to a developed site? Frequently, they merely go to a parked page or a for sale page.

Two perfect examples of this are the domains Bible.net and Bomb.com. The owners report lots of unique traffic, www.Bible.net getting 5,000 a day and www.Bomb.com 300 or more a day.

Yet they only go to domain for sale pages. Worse yet I have seen some names that claim to get lots of hits which do not resolve at all, simply a Page Not Found error.

Any ideas here why this is so? It seems real odd the names are not developed sites. Not only would they perhaps get some income that way, but it would also add to the value. Even a typical low paying or non-paying affiliate program is better.

Bible.net is the most amazing example of this. Why in the world would the owner "Woeger" waste all that valuable traffic with a for sale page, knowing how rare it is for that to really work selling the name as most buyers arrive via Whois anyway.

If wanted, a developed site could still have a website for sale notice as a banner or text link on the front page. I develop a website right away for names which only receive 20 uniques a day, what a terrible waste with a 5,000 uniques a day name!
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It's still a speculators market.

I seriously doubt there are many business owners sitting on the internet this time of the day looking for that perfect domain name.

People who put a for sale sign on a web page is simply trolling the waters in hopes to get a bite befor the re-registration time comes around.

If you want to sell or lease a domain name, bottom line is you have to go out there and market the site. Put viable content on the site which will bring up visitor counts whereby the name becomes more valuable.

I sold a three syllable domain name on Afternic for ~50k because I placed viable content on the site which gave the name a chance to build valuable traffic counts over a period of three years.

If you have good domain names, you could consider leasing 3LD's (third level domains) under the 2LD. which I'm setting up at "www.prescottaz.us".

I was quite surprised with the number of type-in's I'm getting on one of my most recent name acquisitions "CityOfPrescott.Com" Someone else just let the name expire so I will be marketing the name with viable content very soon.


Dave Sullivan, WeTLD

In regards to the bomb.com ebay auction I don't buy the traffic count at all; he states,

"www.bomb.com has consistently maintained monthly unique visitor counts averaging at around 8000 visitors per month (or around 300+ per day) "



something wrong with his maths!


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Jun 29, 2002
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Stupid rhetoralical Question -

Why waste time and effort developing a potentialy great domain and website that can earn $5,000 a month - when you can SELL it for $5,000?

This is a reason why some keep great domains are kept dormant - I know of those jerks personaly.
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