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I've had this domain for about 2 years now. It gets about 200 hits per week.

I live in a city of a few hundred thousand people named Halifax in Nova Scotia.

It's a computer job related site. I've never promoted the site at all, just have good meta tags.

I've never made any money from it, but never really tried. I just made it to try to help recent graduates find work in IT and not have to leave their hometown.

It's very targeted, and I get a lot of email from people who appreciate the site.

I'm wondering if it may be worth something to a competitor who has a profitable job site in my town, or may want to develop it further.

Do you think it's worth any substantial amount of money?

Thanks so much in advance :)

I guess there are other places named Halifax in the world that may think it's valuable too...

President Gringo

I've been to Halifax, Great city.

As for value, why not sell it to a employment agency, i'm sure they would be more than happy with the 200 hits a day.

Value, hmmmmm, not too sure as i don't know what hits are worth, but personally i would try and sell it for US$500, maybe a few hundred more. If you can design websites, why not offer them the complete package.

Good luck.
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