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Wow, Trying To Steal My Domain!?


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Apr 4, 2014
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So I received an email stating:

"Re: Transfer of
123Reg/Webfusion has received a request from *****@*****.com on 29/08/2014 for us to become the new registrar of record.
You have received this message because you are listed as the Registered Name Holder or Administrative contact for this domain name in the WHOIS database.
Please read the following important information about transferring your domain name:
• You must agree to enter into a new Registration Agreement with us. You can review the full terms and conditions of the Agreement at******.com
• Once you have entered into the Agreement, the transfer will take place within five (5) calendar days unless the current registrar of record denies the request.
• Once a transfer takes place, you will not be able to transfer to another registrar for 60 days, apart from a transfer back to the original registrar, in cases where both registrars so agree or where a decision in the dispute resolution process so directs.
If you WISH TO PROCEED with the transfer, you must respond to this message via one of the following methods (note if you do not respond by 03/09/2014, will not be transferred to us.).

Please go to our website, ***** (this was their link, obviously I removed it)

to confirm.
If you DO NOT WANT the transfer to proceed, then don't respond to this message.
If you have any questions about this process, please contact*****.com
Kind Regards

Is this serious? This is the first time(i'm sure not the last) that someone has really stooped this low to "steal" a name.

p.s - I removed all links because I don't know where they lead and don't want anyone clicking them.


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Apr 5, 2008
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I have received a few random transfer requests in the past. Often they are related more to confused people than a theft attempt.

They might own a domain close to what you have or if it expired in the past they might think they still own it.


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