This thread is an appraisal of the domain name requested.


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Jun 27, 2015
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so, i’ve recently acquired through a reliable source.

but anyways, I’ve been looking for an appraisal, i don’t have much info, but here:

Domain :

Domain Authority : 7/100

Page Rank : 22/100

Spam Score : 5/17

Age : 3 years, registered Mid 2012 i believe.


- I’ve gotten 3 automatic appraisals ranging from $240-300.

-I did some research, and saw the term “skaso” on a lot of russian sites and blogs, but have attempted to translate it directly and it doesn’t translate.

- 24,100 results on google when you search skaso

- Skaso on google adwords gets “70” popularity.

- says 107,000 frequency and 27 searches.

you guys think its brand able? sellable?

& yes, this domain is under my name and i own it.

Thanks a lot.



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Jul 12, 2015
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First off, with automated appraisals, forget what they say. They are usually not in the ballpark as to what a name is worth. Human appraisals are going to be more accurate, assuming they are from people with domain knowledge.

This one is hard to appraise since it doesn't have a clear meaning that I can find anywhere.

Nothing in Alexa. In it looks to have been some kind of Russian site, but I am not sure of what it was about. In Google, it has indexed pages that pertain to skateboards. So lots of confusing info about this one.

Without knowing more or if the name has any kind of meaning I would say the value is in the $xx - Lower $xxx range. It might get more if the right person wanted it or if you could find out more about the name.
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