Advertisers: help with finding ones (companies or people) for tech/kitchenware/general info sites,


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Feb 13, 2018
Need help with know-how on locating advertisers for a variety of sites I've built and perhaps more in the future, some examples are (a general info/forum/kitchenware discounts site) = about 15 visitors/day currently, https://Advertisers.Site (more of a general listings kinda site, actually want it to offer free 'adspace' to everyone in the form of regular listings, it's not fully optimized yet) only has like 1-2 visitors a day, and https://Praf.Net (my general net news, education, and info blog) which gets 20-25+ visitors a day currently; and all of these sites are fairly new as well, by the way.
Traffic is organic, the only backlinks are to basic list compilation sites, or from related sites I'm building, although there are some redirected domains pointing as well.
My question/request is for either A. someone who knows about seeking out advertisers to point me in the right direction or perhaps give a few tips on locating advertisers. B. an advertiser interested in space with one of my sites now or in the future. or C. someone with some related assistance/info/maybe questions to contact me either here on this thread or via message.

Be well and thank you for your time

-John Y.