Am i cheaten?

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May 21, 2019

I was the owner of UFUN(dot)net

I bought it because UFUN(dot)com was sold over 100.000 dollars before.

Even on Estibot, the price of it shows $ 25,000 right now.

Anyways after i bought it, i listed the domain for sale on Afternic but noneone bought it for almost 2 years and i forgot the domain.

After 3 days ago, i checked the market value of my domain on Estibot and it was very suprisingly showing less than 100 dollars. It is strange because even the "org" version of the same domain is 1700 dollars on Estibot. And i had the "net" one which is better.

I couldnt understand exactly but i changed the "buy now price" to 100 dollars on Afternic. And on the same day it has sold. Someone from China bought it.

So what am i suppose to think now? Did i make a mistake or it was good sale?



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May 9, 2006
No, I doubt that this Chinese investor colluded with Estibot to lower your domains evaluation prior to purchase.

:net domains have suffered immensely in value and as such the Estibot algorithm was probably modified to take this into account. Estibot is good to gather indicators but you should always set your OWN prices. Not let that job fall to a robot.

Regarding the sale.. Well its a little low, but better than dropping it and getting nothing.
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