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Conversion of "For Sale" landing pages (vs. links + small for sale banner)

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Jul 11, 2011
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I own around 75 DNs I hope to sell...generally speaking how effective are those landing pages that have nothing but a big FOR SALE graphic, with a that allows users to contact the owner -- like this one:

View attachment 1_Preview.__large_preview.jpg

Currently, I just park most of them on Sedo or Voodoo, and publish their standard parking-page PPC links (which generate negligible $), and which have the small "for sale" banner at the top, like this:

View attachment sedo-buy-message.jpg

So again: I've more or less given up on monetizing them via PPC parking...some of them are good DNs (i think:)) and the objective is to sell them. So do the big "For Sale" landing pages generally generate many more offers than just a parked page with a small 'for sale' link?


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Sep 4, 2002
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the quality of the domain, in the eye of the viewer, is what generates sales

not the size of the "For Sale" or "This Domain Name May be for Sale" banner or link

but I will say that, those pages with just a For Sale icon and no ppc links, won't produce any earnings while you're waiting on an offer.



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Nov 1, 2006
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I agree with Biggie on this one. It doesn't matter how big your for sale sign is or whether it's in the top header or the bottom footer. If someone wants your domain then they will find you. The only time I think the "for sale sign" method really helps would be if you had privacy on the name. If that's the case it may be a little harder for an interested party to find your email address.

If anything I would recommend sticking with Sedo or least you might make some revenue off the traffic!
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