Darns.com and 1000+ more @ $75 each

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Jul 27, 2002
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denny007 said:
Still waiting for the password to access the newly created account. Got no answer to my email. Got no asnwer here. If you do not want to give me the domains just let me know, I am used to be scammed from time to time, you cannot 100% avoid that in this business. But please save my time to remind you for the pasword to access the account.

You know what, I see my old friend Collector has an account there, so push it to his account, I will communicate it with him via email. Will be quickier than getting it from you. One more thing - never do the food business, with your speed, all food will get spoiled before sold.
You were sent the user name and password - when I asked you for a domain I could copy info from - it was to help you out - and you still don't understand that I was trying to HELP you.

Want your money back? No Problem - that is if I can still access the account I created for you.

Just tell me what you want/need - I have a long time reputation - and I would not screw it up for 2 $75 domains.

I resent your implications.


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Oct 5, 2004
Check the dates, please. I paid June 19th and got the password on June 24th after several reminders here and via email. Thats my point - in domains I am used to settle everything within 24 hours period. Period.
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